Dual Polymer Waterless Car Wash & Polish: is it Better?

Do you want a waterless car wash that cleans, protects AND polishes your vehicle’s finish all at once? The Dual Polymer Waterless Car Wash does all 3 in under 30 minutes. Plus, it can save you some money too!

DualPolymer Waterless Car Wash

How Does this Multi-Purpose Waterless Car Wash Work?

First of all, Dual Polymer adds a whopping 17 different special ingredients to their cleaning solution. Therefore, it can perform multiple tasks at once.

Just as you’d expect from a spray-on car wash, this blend safely removes dirt and dust from your vehicles surface. Then, it adds a protective slick coating that keeps you car cleaner for longer.

This protective shield helps repel incoming dust and debris as well as helping water run right of your vehicle without leaving spots. Moreover, it adds a defense against UV rays.

Second, the manufacturer includes polishing components so you can buff out minor scratch marks. In fact, the company actually calls this their “Acrylic Based Auto Detailing and Polishing Product”.

Detailing a vehicle may sound like a lot of work. However, all you need to do is spray it on your car and lightly buff it off.

As I mentioned above, you can complete the job in less than 30 minutes. Not to mention, you can do it in the comfort of your own driveway or garage. No need to drive somewhere and wait.

But is Dual Polymer Car Wash Worth the Higher Price?

You’ll notice that the DualPolymer Waterless Car Wash costs more than other no-rinse washes. However, most waterless wash products don’t polish your vehicle like this one does.

So, if you want to easily remove water marks and even light scratches, this cleaner is worth the extra cost. I mean, protecting your car’s finish over the long term essentially increases its value. In my book, this is money well spent. =)

Note: Plus, their acrylic resin works better than commonly used silicone or carnauba wax to protect your vehicle. In other words, it protects the finish for longer so you don’t have to clean your car as frequently.

Not to mention, you get the protective benefits of carnauba wax without having to spend lots of time buffing it off. And who doesn’t want that, right?

Use this Waterless Wash to Clean Multiple Surfaces…

By the way, you can use this waterless cleaner on boats, RVs and motorcycles as well. In fact, use it on the inside of your vehicle on protect plastic surfaces and trim. Plus, this multi-purpose car wash helps to keep windshields and headlights clear.

Fatures of Multi-Functional Dual Polymer Waterless Car Wash Product

Although not all customers are impressed with DualPolymer, most reviews showed overly positive when customers put the product to the test. In fact, several people loved the results when they used this car wash on their black vehicles.

(Black cars and trucks definitely don’t hide water marks and scratches very well. So, if car polishes work well on dark finishes, that’s saying something.)

Dual Polymer Waterless Car Wash Specs:

DualPolymer Waterless Wash with Microfiber Towel

Note: I haven’t seed a discount code for DualPolymer waterless wash. However, you can sometimes buy them on Amazon in multiple-bottle packages which lowers the price significantly. (Almost like buying 2 bottles and getting one free.)