Ethos Eco Friendly Waterless Car Wash Review:

Do you want a car wash product that is (1) safe for the environment (2) safe for your family and (3) also saves you money? Ethos Eco Friendly Waterless Car Wash can do all 3, plus you get 4 free microfiber towels in this waterless wash & wax kit!

Ethos Waterless Wash and Wax Car Wash

The price breakdown ends up costing less than $1 per wash. Not to mention, this waterless wash also contains carnauba wax for a truly remarkable shine and reflection while providing protection from UV rays, oxidation and contaminants in between washes!

What Makes Ethos Eco Friendly Waterless Car Wash Different?

Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, All Natural Waterless Car WashEthos Car Care created an all-natural formula for their waterless wash. In other words, it does not contain harmful silicones, polymers and solvents like many other products do.

Therefore, this biodegradable car wash is not only safe for your car’s finish and the environment – it’s safe for you too!

Not only that, but this sustainable product comes in a super-concentrated formula, saving on packaging waste. In fact, a 16-ounce bottle actually creates a whopping 160 ounces!

Ethos Waterless Wash Concentrate

They Save You Even More Money on Washing Your Car…

Concentrated car wash formulas require minimal packaging and cost less to ship. Therefore, manufacturers can pass that savings on to their customers. (And, you don’t always need to purchase the product in a larger bulk size to save money!)

Simply pour 1 ounce of the concentrated formula into the included spray bottle and add about 10 ounces of water. (Talk about a cost-effective way to wash and wax your car!)

Wash and Wax in 1 Step:

Ethos Eco Friendly Waterless Car Wash Spray BottleEthos Car Care includes T1 grade carnauba wax in their waterless car wash product.

T1 Grade is the highest Carnauba Wax Grade, which we typically find in car polishes (and even cosmetics and food for that matter).

On top of giving your vehicle an ultra-glossy shine, carnauba wax provides protection too. For example, it protects your car’s finish from UV rays, oxidation and contaminants in between washes.

Not to mention, this high-quality wax also creates a hydrophobic and water-repellant finish. Therefore, you can minimize water spots during the rainy season simply by washing your car!

How to Use All-Natural Waterless Car Wash:

Ethos waterless car wash is safe to use on the surfaces below. In other words, you can use a single product to clean your entire car and even utilize it around your house.

  • Clear Coat Finishes
  • Matte Paint, Single Stage Paint
  • Ceramic Coated Vehicles
  • Chrome, Stainless Steel
  • Glass, Windows
  • Acrylic
  • Epoxy
  • Fiberglass
  • Wheels
  • Cars, Motorcycles, Planes, Boats, RVs and Motorhomes

Waterless Wash & Wax Kit Includes:

  • 16oz Ethos Waterless Wash and Wax Concentrate Bottle (Makes 160 Ounces)
  • 16oz Spray Bottle with indicated fill line
  • (4) 300 GSM Soft and Absorbent Ethos Waterless Wash and Wax Microfiber Towels.

Note: 300 GSM microfiber towels work best for washing your car. In other words, this car wash kit includes some good washing cloths. Check out details below.

Eco Friendly Waterless Car Wash from Ethos“Look for towels with about 300-350 GSM (grams/square meter, in other words, the thickness). These are the best.

Thinner towels (less than 300 GSM) can work ok for windows, super plush towels (ie. over 400 GSM) will have a harder time picking up dirt and debris.

Super cheap towels are usually sold at big box stores and are typically less than 200 GSM. They wear out quickly and aren’t worth your money.” (From: How to Wash Microfiber Towels)

How to Get the Best Results? Spray the car wash solution on your car’s surface and let it sit for about 20-30 seconds. Then, lightly wipe away dirt and contaminants using the microfiber towels. Flip towel repeatedly and buff the finish for a high-gloss shine.

By the way, I spray my car in small sections at a time. In addition, I switch between 2 different clothes for “washing” and buffing.

The included spray bottle will produce a light, even mist. Therefore, you get just enough wash without wasting the product. (Another great money-saver!)

Ethos Waterless Car Wash Review:

Ethos Eco Friendly Waterless Car Wash Specs:

What Ethos Wash & Wax will NOT Do:

This waterless car wash with carnauba wax will intensify the shine that your car’s finish already has. However, it cannot turn a dull finish into a shiny one.

Shiny Black SUV: Use Waterless Car Wash and Wax to Avoid a Shiny Finish (Start Early!)In other words, I’d start waxing your vehicle before it loses its shine. If the car’s finish already has scratches or oxidation, you will need to polish it instead.

That’s actually a big reason why I really like waterless wax and wax products. They make it easy to extend your vehicle’s appearance and upgrade its value.

You can essentially wash your car anytime and anywhere (even in the sun or inside your garage). Plus, you can do it quickly due to the 1-step wash process.