Waterless Detail Kit – Everything You Need, & No Water

Do you want to do a full detailing jobs on your car without having to use water? Get all the materials you’ll need in this multi-functional, eco-friendly and time-saving waterless detail kit below…

Waterless Detail Kit with Wash, Wax, Protectant, Detailer and cloths

10-Item Waterless Car Detailing Kit Includes:

  • H²Zer0 Car Wash 16 oz Bottle
  • Quick Detailer Spray 24 oz Bottle
  • One-Step Protectant 16 oz Bottle
  • Heavy Duty Cleaner Spray 24 oz
  • Pair of Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves
  • 3 Terry Towels
  • 1 Microfiber Towel
  • Applicator Sponge

1. H²Zero Car Wash

Shiny Black SUV: Use Waterless Car Wash and Wax to Avoid a Shiny Finish (Start Early!)First of all, you get a waterless car wash that cleans and waxes your vehicle in one step. You simply apply the solution with a sponge or applicator and then wipe off the excess.

This waterless wash product contains carnauba wax, which defends your car’s finish from water, dirt, etc.. It even defects dust. In other words, it leaves a protective coating that helps your vehicle stay cleaner for longer.

Not to mention, it enhances the shine. And besides making the paint look polished an new, it can increase the value of your car by preventing that dull, lackluster appearance than comes after years of driving.

Bug Remover ScrubberNote: However, this biodegradable, eco-friendly formula is pretty powerful. In fact, it works effectively to eliminate water spots, stains and even remove tree sap. (Although I’ve found that a bug remover scrubber can speed up stubborn sap removal.)

Use it on all of your vehicles, including motorcycles, campers, boats as well as cars. Furthermore, it comes in handy on multiple surfaces, like plastic, vinyl, leather, rubber, wood and even tires.

In other words, you can purchase less cleaning products and use H²Zero to tackle lots of different jobs.

2. One-Step Protectant

Detailing ProtectantThis product cleans and adds a layer of UV protection to the interior components of your car. For example, you can use it on the dashboard, leather seats, plastic sections and more.

Just like the waterless wash above, it does double-duty to shorten your detailing time and get multiple tasks done at once.

In addition, you can use the One-Step Protectant on the exterior of your vehicle. It works on paint, chrome, glass and aluminum. Use it instead of tire shine products or to remove wax residue.

3. Quick Detailer

If you just need to do some quick touch-ups in between car washes, use the Quick Detailer. It also works well as an alternate glass cleaner.

It is designed to remove residue and enhance shine, and you can use it on multiple surfaces, including carpet and the engine!

4. Heavy Duty Cleaner

Waterless Detail Kit with Wash, Wax, Protectant, Detailer and clothsOpposite of the Quick Detailer, this formula helps makes dirty jobs easier. For instance, if you have dried-on bugs, bird droppings, built-up dirt, etc.., use the Heavy Duty Cleaner.

Specs for Waterless Detail kit: