Compare Waterless Car Wash Products – What’s Best?

When it comes down to waterless car wash products, most will have very similar features and cleaning results. In situations like this, I like to compare products by price. The bottom line is, “How much is it going to cost me per wash?”

Waterless Car Wash Products

Price (approx) Container Size Cost/ Wash Wash or Wash & Wax Works on Wet or Dry Surfaces Special Features:

EZ Waterless
Wash & Wax Kit

EZ Waterless Wash & Wax Kit

5.0 $35 144 oz $1 per wash Wash & Wax Both Package includes 4 towels, 1 bug scrubber and 16 oz sprayer. Polymer additive protects car’s finish for longer, plus formula is biodegradable.
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Shine Armor

Shine Armor Waterless Car Wash

4.4 $15-20 8 oz $7-10 per wash Wash & Wax Both Contains advanced SiO2 ceramic coating/wax for detail-level cleaning. See Shine Armor Review

Ethos Wash & Wax

Ethos Car Care Waterless Wash and Wax

4.8 $26 16 oz $6.50 per wash
($2/wash for gallon size)
Wash & Wax Both Kit includes 4 Towels and 16 oz sprayer. Plus, 3-in-1 ceramic coating leaves a high-performance finish, repels water and is biodegradable.
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Prolong Waterless
Wash and Shine

Prolong Waterless Wash and Shine Car Wash

4.6 $7 17 oz $1.75 per wash
($1.35/wash for gallon size)
Wash & Wax Both Unique formula dissolves dirt, stains, tree sap and bugs. Plus, it “lubricates” dirt to prevent scratching the finish.
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Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash & Wax

Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere Spray

4.5 $9 26 oz $1.40 per wash
(or $0.95/wash for gallon size)
Wash & Wax Both Leaves a glossy wax protective barrier that lasts for weeks. Plus, it has a biodegradable, water spot-free formula that won’t scratch you car’s finish.
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Griot’s Spray-On Car Wash

Griot's Spray-On Car Wash

4.5 $30 35 oz $3.45 per wash (or $1.35/wash for gallon size) Wash Both Waterless car wash with carnauba protection. Plus, it quickly and effectively removes bugs, road grime and more
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Optimum Opti-Clean

Optimum Opti Clean Concentrate

4.7 $41 128 oz $0.32 per wash Wash & Wax Both Soy-based polymers + lubricants leave a slick finish and high-gloss shine.
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FW1 Wash & Wax

FW1 Wash and Wax Car Cleaner

4.5 $39 52.5 oz $2.97 per wash Wash & Wax Both Waterless formulation also includes carnauba wax. Plus, it can remove stains from interior of car.
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Dri Wash N Guard

Dri Wash N Guard Waterless Car Wash

4.5 $54 32 oz $6.75 per wash Wash & Wax Both Includes Advanced Formula PolyGuard-3 for automotive and marine use. Cleans, seals, polishes and protects in one step, plus it has UV protection too.
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See additional notes below the chart on how we did our cost calculations. Plus, which product ingredients determine the difference between “wash” and “wash & wax”. This will also make it easier to find the best waterless car wash for you.

* Cost per Wash: The amount of car wash solution that you use to clean your vehicle will vary. In this chart, I am using 4 oz amount per wash, so we get a clean cost comparison across the board. That is the amount of cleaner that I use, and I have an SUV.

** Wash & Wax: These products contain polymers or the equivalent, which add additional protection and shine to your vehicle. Unlike traditional car wax, it requires very little buffing. In addition, it helps to repel water and keep car looking cleaners for longer.

How Waterless Car Wash Products Compare:

Waterless Car Wash Pros & ConsIn short, I believe all of the above products are good. The best waterless car wash for you will depend on your needs.

However, what you may not know is that a major factor in your car washing results is the cloths that you use. Make sure you use high quality microfiber towels or mitts because they will help lift away dirt and dust as well as quickly buff your car’s surface to a vibrant shine. See more information here.

By the way, the higher quantity you buy, the more money you can save on each car wash.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Washing Your Car Without Water:

Will a waterless wash cause scratches or damage paint on vehicles?

No. These cleaning products are designed specifically for cars, boats and motorcycles, so they won’t damage the finish. However, if you use a cloth that has bits of debris in it, these can cause scratches. Therefore, it’s important to use clean and properly wash your microfiber towels.

Can you waterless wash a dirty car?

It depends on how dirty your vehicle is. If it has caked-on mud, I wouldn’t suggest it. Instead, hose off your car to loosen the dirt and remove it before using a polymer spray.

However, routine car washing typically is just fine. The spray will loosen and lift dust and debris, and the microfiber fabric can wipe it away. I’ve done this for years without any problems – even going a couple months between washes.

Can you use waterless car wash on windows?

Yes. The protective coating can even help to repel water from windows, similar to water-repellent products like Rain-X. That said, you want to use the cleanest cloth you can to get the best results. I suggest cleaning the windows first, or using a fresh towel specifically for windows so you don’t get smudges. Another tip: clean windows in shade versus direct sunlight so the product doesn’t dry too fast and leave spray marks.