Optimum Opti Clean Concentrate Review [& Comparison]

How many products can save you time, money and the environment all at the same time? Well, like other waterless car wash products, Optimum Opti Clean can.

Optimum Opti Clean Waterless Car Wash

How Opti Clean Saves You Money:

You can buy it in a convenient spray bottle – or in a money-saving concentrate. Mix the concentrate 1 part wash to 3 parts water, and you can wash your car for about 32 cents per wash. (You can compare waterless car wash prices here.)

How this Waterless Car Wash Saves Time:

Optimum Opti Clean will both wash and add a protectant to your vehicle’s surface in one step. Simply spray on the waterless car wash and wipe it away with a clean microfiber towel.

You can clean your entire car in under 20 minutes. Plus, the soy-based polymer protectant makes your car’s surface slick so that it repels dirt and debris. Therefore, you end up not having to wash your car as often because it stays cleaner for longer. (Bonus!)

After I started using waterless car wash myself, I noticed that the next time I cleaned my car it was easier. In other words, the slick surface doesn’t go away entirely in between washings, which makes it even easier to clean your vehicle thereafter. You know what I mean?

Optimum Opti-Clean VS No Rinse

Optimum No-Rinse Car Wash & WaxOptimum Polymer Technologies makes an entire line of car care products dedicated to extending the life of your vehicle’s surface. Not to mention, making it look shiny and new in the process.

In fact, they make a no-rinse car wash product called No Rinse Wash & Shine. The difference is that the No-Rinse product is not really waterless.

You mix this solution with a gallon of water, more like you would with a traditional car wash soap. Then, you simply wipe your car clean and don’t have to rinse with water afterwards.

Therefore, the Opti Clean spray on cleaner offers a less-mess car washing experience. The cost ends up being virtually the same per wash when you get the concentrate.

Optimum Power Clean - Powerful All-Purpose Cleaner for Cars

Optimum Opti Clean VS Power Clean

Optimum also makes a product called Power Clean. This is not a car wash, but rather a powerful all-purpose cleaner. Typically, people use it to remove bugs, brake dust and oily residue. You can also use it on tires, wheel wells and your engine.

In addition, you can dilute the solution to apply on your car’s interior. For example, dilute Power Clean 3:1 to safely wipe away spills and spots from leather, vinyl, plastic and paint.

Optimum Opti Clean VS Ultima Waterless Wash

Ultima also makes a waterless car wash product that does not require rinsing and comes in a spray bottle. It also sells as a concentrated formula, so the cost per wash is significantly lower.

Ultima Waterless Wash PlusBecause the companies do not post their product ingredients, we can’t compare the contents. However, they both state that you can use them on all automotive surfaces and that they are eco-friendly.

In addition, both products remove dirt and leave a protective and glossy-looking finish. Ultima does advertise having UV protection as well.

Optimum Opti Clean Specs:

  • Safe for Surfaces: paint, clear coat, chrome, rubber, vinyl, plastic and glass.
  • Contains no harmful surfactants, cleaning agents or VOCs
  • Size Options: 18 ounce spray bottle, 32 ounce or 1 gallon bottles concentrate.
  • Get Opti Clean (+ Discount Bulk Pricing)