Adam’s Waterless Car Wash [My Review & Comparison]

Using a waterless wash can help you save time, money and the environment. But Adam’s Waterless Car Wash can wash and protect your vehicle for as low as $1.12 per wash!

Adam's Waterless Car Wash Package with Cleaner, Spray Bottle, Premium Quality Microfiber Towels and Pouring Funnel

Just like other spray-on car washes, this brand includes emulsifying polymers that lift the dirt and dust off the surface of your vehicle. Therefore, you don’t scratch the paint’s finish as you clean. Not to mention, the dirt wipes off more easily.

Note: Don’t have a shady spot to wash you car? No problem! You can use this product in direct sunlight. (Of course, not having to use water, you can conveniently clean your car inside your garage too, if you want.)

In fact, I find waterless wash sprays so convenient and easy to use that I find myself doing “touch-ups” between washes. You know, for things like drips, smudges, finger prints and even dust. (I may be crazy, but I do have a black car.)

How is Adam’s Eco-Friendly Wash Different?

However, Adam’s Waterless Car Wash has recently upgraded their product to include more lubricating ingredients. In this case, more actually is better, and even safer for your car’s finish.

Check out the video below for washing tips and instructions:

Adam’s Waterless Wash

Keep in mind that this cleaner does not just wash your car. It also protects the finish. In other words, you help your vehicle look better for longer. Plus, I find that I don’t have to clean my car as often. Bonus!

How to Get a Discounted Price on Adam’s Waterless Wash:

Product Size
Cost per Wash (4 ounces)

Adam’s Waterless Wash 16 Ounce Sprayer

Adams Waterless Car Wash in 16 Ounce Spray Bottle

$0.75 per ounce
$3 per wash

Adam’s Waterless Wash 1 Gallon Jug

Adam's Waterless Car Wash in 1 Gallon Jug with Discounted Price

$0.32 per ounce
$1.28 per wash

Adam’s Waterless Wash 5 Gallon Dispenser

Adam's Waterless Car Wash 5 Gallon Dispenser

$0.28 per ounce
$1.12 per wash

Waterless Wash Package Deals:

Adam's No-Water Car Wash Package DealIn addition, if you want the lower bulk rate but also want the sprayer and microfiber towels, check out the “Collection” package. Their waffle weave microfiber cloths measure 16″ x 24″ and their thickness measures 370 GSM (very good, premium quality).

You can find out more about what to look for in microfiber cloths and how to wash them to prevent lint accumulation.

Alternatively, you can buy the smaller spray bottle along with 2 microfiber towels for about $23. (FYI, the towel 2-pack usually sells for $17-18 by itself.)

Adam’s Waterless Car Wash Packages:

  • Collection: 16 Ounce Spray Bottle + 1 Gallon Jug + 2 Waffle Weave Towels + Funnel
  • Combo: 16 Ounce Spray Bottle + 2 Waffle Weave Towels

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Manufacturer: Adam’s Polishes, Inc.