SmartOne – A Waterless Car Wash, Wax & Sealant in One

SmartOne Wash, Wax & SealSmartOne: Talk about efficient!

Smartwax has created Smartwax One for people who not only want a great-looking car, but they want to clean with without using water.

What Makes this Waterless Car Wash Different?

This 16 oz bottle washes, waxes and seals your car’s finish in one simple step. Unlike other waterless wash and wax products that contain polymers, Smartwax One is made with carnauba wax and organic clay.

Don’t get me wrong, polymers do a great job at getting a car clean and shiny. Auto detailing clay, on the other hand, is designed to handle heavy-duty contaminants like rail dust and brake dust.

“These contaminants pierce paint finishes, glass and metal and remain stuck on your vehicle through rain, car washes, and even polishing.” Clay, however, can remove them.

Furthermore, carnauba wax has long been used as a finish protectant that also produces a hydrophobic surface on the car. This results in water beading rather than causing water to “sheet” on the car. Another product that has this hydrophobic effect is Meguiar’s Waterless Wash & Wax.

What’s also cool about Smartwax One is that it comes with UV protection. It’s like getting a triple-duty all-weather barrier for your vehicle.

And yes, no water is needed.

This car wash product may very well be more than efficient, right?

More Cool Features of Smartwax One:

SmartOne Car Wash Spray
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How to Use It:

  1. First, shake the bottle well.
  2. Spray a fine mist on the surface of your car, work in small sections.
  3. Within seconds, the waterless wash lifts and encapsulates dirt particles safely away from the paint’s surface.
  4. Wipe the cleaner away, along with the dirt and grime, using a clean microfiber towel.
  5. You will see a slight haze left on the surface from the carnauba wax that you can quickly buff off.
  6. The result is a really deep long-lasting shine. In addition, the surface has a reduced static charge will continue to repel dirt particles and keep your car looking good for longer.

Here is a demo on how to use the product:

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