6 Reasons You Should Wash Your Car Without Water

Do you drive your vehicle through a car wash? Or Do you hose it down at home? Either way, there are 6 reasons why you should wash your car without water.

6 Reasons to Wash Your Car Without Water

1. No-Water Washes Help the Environment in 2 Ways.

First of all, using a waterless wash treats the environment better. In addition to conserving water, you can keep dirty car wash water from entering our streams and oceans.

Note that if you are using a hose and bucket to clean your car at home, you can save money on your water bill if you switch to waterless.

2. Protect Your Car’s Finish and Maybe Even Increase it’s Value.

Wash Your Car Without Water and Get a Shiny New Car FinishSecond, waterless car wash products typically include a polymer that gives your vehicle a nice shine. Besides making the paint job look pristine, polymers help protect the finish.

Over time, this means that your car will look newer for longer. Plus, when you go to sell it, you may be able to ask a higher price for it. A no-rinse car wash may do a lot more than save you money!

3. Wash Your Car Without Water, Spend Less Time Cleaning It.

Waterless Car Wash Finish Repels Water and DirtAlong with protecting the finish and helping your vehicle look like it got a fresh paint job, waterless washes let you clean your car half as often.

The polymers help repel new dirt and therefore keep your car cleaner for longer.

By washing your car half as often, you can save save both time and money. Not to mention, scrubbing at your car’s finish less may even do you vehicle a favor.

4. Washing Your Car Suddenly Becomes Easy?

My favorite aspect of washing my car without water actually surprised me. I can clean it year-round in the comfort of my garage. I don’t need to wash outdoors, and I don’t need a lot of space.

Microfiber Mitts for Washing CarsThis convenience motivates me to wipe down my car more often, because car washing has turned into a short, easy task.

I grab the sprayer, a few microfiber cloths (or a mitt), turn on the radio and listen to some great music for about 20 minutes. Then, I am finished!

5. Save Yourself More Time than You Think.

On top of saving money, I like saving time. In the beginning, I didn’t realize that driving to the car wash and waiting there was costing me a lot of time. More time, in fact, than doing it myself – cleaning my car at home with a waterless wash.

Plus, I don’t have to worry about the annoying drips and water marks left by a drive-through car wash. I don’t get those anymore.

Also, you can get all-in-one waterless products that wash, wax, remove bugs, tree sap and more. Yes, a cleaning product can take care of all of these tasks in a single step. Fast!

6. Save Yourself Money, of Course.

Last but not least, when you wash your car without water you will save yourself money. You may think that using dish soap and a hose is cheap, but this method is not doing wonders for your car’s finish.

Nor is it saving you any time. Unless you truly enjoy the hose-and-bucket car washing method, your time is better spent doing something fun or something that will make you money. Just saying.

By the way, if you like saving money and spend a lot of time in your vehicle, check out plu-in car coolers. You can even find compact cooler-warmers that have cup holders. Save money because you won’t need to stop at convenience stores for snacks and drinks.