Review of Armour Car Care Waterless Car Wash Kit

EcoSmart Wash and Wax ConcentrateNote: Auto Armor Waterless Wash is currently out of stock. We suggest using EcoSmart Waterless Wash & Wax Concentrate instead.

You get waterless wash, wax, polish and sealant in a single product. Get a pro-level product with a shine that lasts. Plus, you can save money using the concentrate over the ready-to-use version. =)

Armour Car Care makes a professional-level car wash and detail product that you can use to clean and wax your car in one step. Essentially, you spray it on and wipe it away.

Armour Car Care Waterless Car Wash Kit

How Does the Wash & Wax Work?

The advanced formula in the Armour Car Care Waterless Car Wash Kit emulsifies and lifts dirt from your vehicle’s surface. In turn, this allows the microfiber cloth to capture the debris and remove it.

As a result, you get a glossy, protective finish that keeps your car looking cleaner for longer. And, with no additional effort, I might add.

Does this Waterless Wash & Wax Leave a Residue?

Some people report that they get a cloudy film or residue after they wipe away the cleaner. This can happen for a few reasons, and if you have dark-colored paint, you’ll notice it more.

Here’s how to easily prevent this problem:

First, make sure that you use clean microfiber cloths (see more information below). If your microfiber isn’t positively charged, it can’t effectively clean your car.

Second, wash your car at the right temperature. In other words, don’t attempt to clean your car when the outside air temperature is too hot or too cold. This can affect the dry time and sometimes end up leaving a noticeable film on your car’s finish.

How Long Does this Car Wash Kit Last?

On average, I have found that 4 ounces of spray-on car wash can clean an average-sized car. Of course, the size of your vehicle and the amount of dirt will increase or decrease the amount of car wash that you’ll need.

Assuming that you use about 4 ounce per car wash, this package gives you 36 washes. Therefore, if you wash your vehicle once a week, this kit should last you 36 weeks.

Armour Waterless Car Wash and Wax

When is comes to waterless car wash, a little goes a long way. Compared to the traditional soap-and-water option, more suds and spray isn’t more effective.

In fact, I’ve found that spray-on wash and wax actually details your car better when you use less. Plus, when you use less cleaner, you have less liquid to buff off. =)

Note: Many people frequently spot-treat their car to clean specific areas as needed. Therefore, you don’t always have to wash your entire car. Not to mention, the spray-on application makes it easy to “detail on the go”.

How to Make Your Waterless Wash Last Longer:

Furthermore, there are 2 other factors that can help you maximize the life of your wash and wax solution. In other words, you can pay less per wash.

10-Pack of Blue Microfiber Towels, 365 GSM, 70% Polyester, 30% PolymideFirst of all, make sure that you use clean microfiber cloths that are lint-free. To keep your microfiber free of lint and positively charged, wash them only with other microfiber towels and don’t stick them in the dryer.

The magic of microfiber “fibers” comes down to their positive charge, which enables them to attract and pull away dirt better than a regular rag. Keep them charged to maintain their effectiveness.

Second, use a high-quality spray bottle to apply the cleaning solution. Professional sprayers will deliver a fine mist, helping the waterless wash disperse evenly with less waste. Generally, the spray bottle included in kits will work just fine.

Do you wash cars frequently? You may even want to invest in a dual action sprayer to reduce hand fatigue.

Armour Car Care Waterless Car Wash Kit Specs:

  • Bottle Size: 1 Gallon + 16-Ounce Spray Bottle
  • Approximately $0.61 Per Wash
  • Product Not Concentrated
  • Biodegradable, Plant-Based, Eco-Friendly Formula
  • 4 Pro Microfiber Towels Included in Package
  • Model #: 8542149118
  • Manufacturer: Armour Car Care
  • Get the Armour Car Wash & Wax Kit Here

Note: Armour Car care uses a mild pH formula that won’t strip your car’s wax finish. Therefore, it can safely clean all surfaces on your car. Plus, it works on both wet or dry surfaces.

Overall, this car cleaner can do a lot. And at a price of less than $1 per wash, this product is a bargain!