Dual Action Spray Bottle – Why Should You Get One?

Typically, professional detailers use a dual action spray bottles for applying waterless cleaning products and cleaners because they spray at double speed.

However, automotive enthusiasts really like them because they require less effort and you don’t get finger fatigue. Each time you depress the trigger, you get 2 sprays instead of one.

Dual Action Spray Bottle - Waterless Wash Your Car in 1/2 the Time?

Use a Dual Action Spray Bottle for More than Car Wash…

Plus, you can use a dual action spray bottle for more than just waterless car wash. In fact, businesses use them all over job sites because they save time.

You can use them anywhere in your home too, like washing windows, cleaning carpets, shower tile and more.

For example, they work with degreasers, disinfectants and even caustic, acidic cleaners. The Viton seals in the bottles stand up to a variety of harsh chemicals.

Will You Actually Save Time and… Money?

In addition, the dual action sprayer features a fine atomizer tip.

Therefore, it gives you more surface area coverage. This helps make the product go farther, last longer and save you money.

All that said, this specially designed applicator bottle does cost between $12 and $14. If you don’t clean your car frequently, need a heavy-duty chemical-resistant container or suffer from finger fatigue, you may not gain any benefits.

Plus, if you get a waterless car wash kit, you typically get a high quality fine mist spray bottle included. Therefore, you may decide to save money on a sprayer and buy more cleaner.

See the benefits and how a dual action spray bottle works below. (By the way, you can adjust the nozzle from stream to a fine mist.)

Get the Double Mist Sprayer (.5 & 1 liter sizes)