Save $$ on Auto Armour Waterless Car Wash Concentrate

EcoSmart Wash and Wax ConcentrateNote: Auto Armor Waterless Wash is currently out of stock. We suggest using EcoSmart Waterless Wash & Wax Concentrate instead.

You get waterless wash, wax, polish and sealant in a single product. Get a pro-level product with a shine that lasts. Plus, you can save money using the concentrate over the ready-to-use version. =)

Auto Armour Waterless Wash - How Much Can You Save?

Shopping for waterless car wash products can get confusing. Many look similar, cost about the same and contain similar ingredients. Here’s what you should know about Auto Armour and how it can save you a bunch of money

Auto Armour Waterless Car Wash and Wax ConcentrateThe packaging on the Auto Armour Waterless Car Wash makes it appear somewhat generic and not-so-special. However, there’s more to this product than meets the eye.

Safe for Multiple Different Surfaces

First of all, Auto Armour uses a plant-based biodegradable formula. The product does not contain ammonia or alcohol either.

In fact, this cleaner is so safe that you can use it on any surface of your car. In addition, you don’t have to worry about skin irritation while you clean.

Auto Armour even suggests using it on surfaces and other items around the house. For example, use it on appliances, furniture, countertops and in the bathroom. By the way, this product works well at preventing hard water spots (as you might imagine).

Additional Protection for Your Car

Second, this waterless car wash contains polymers plus UV protection. Therefore, while you wash your car you are also waxing and adding a protective UV finish. No additional steps are required.

I like the polymer additive because it protects your vehicle’s finish, but it also keeps your car cleaner for longer. For example, I found that it prevents dust and pollen from sticking to my car. I don’t have to wash my car as often, and I can easily wipe off any dust with a dry microfiber cloth between washes if I really want to.

You Can Save Lots of Money

Third, and maybe my favorite, is the cost savings. This 32-ounce bottle actually contains a concentrated form of the waterless wash. Therefore, each wash costs you about 16 cents.

Let’s do the math.

Dilute just 1 ounce of concentrate with 15 ounces of water to make 16 ounces of waterless wash, or 1 full spray bottle. Since you get 32 ounces of concentrate, you get 32 16-ounce spray bottles of waterless car wash.

To be fair, I allow 4 ounces of solution per car wash for all waterless wash products. This means:

32 oz concentrate ($20)
= 32 spray bottles (16 oz) @ 4 car washes each
= 128 total washes @ 16 cents per wash

Auto Armour Waterless Car Wash Spray BottleYou can’t get cheaper than that, right?

You don’t need to have a drought, water restrictions or strict EPA regulations to enjoy the benefits of Auto Armour’s waterless wash.

In fact, many people who try waterless don’t go back to regular car washing because this eco-friendly option also costs less, saves time and is easier.

By the way, you can get this product in a smaller version if you want to test it out for yourself without having to spend $20.

A 16-ounce spray bottle costs about $7.50.

The Fine Print

The concentrate product does not include a spray bottle. You will need to buy your own if you don’t already have one. I guess that brings each car wash up to 17 cents…

Also, another cheap waterless car wash product is Optimum No-Rinse, which also comes in a variety of different sizes.