Ultra Ion Waterless Car Wash – Review, Tips, Best Sprayer

Do you want to use a waterless wash product on a black car? You may want to check out the Ultra Ion Waterless Car Wash which also repels dust!

Ultra Ion Waterless Car Wash Washes, Waxes, Protects and Polishes Your Car in 1 Step

Ultra Ion Waterless Car Wash Review:

1. Car Washing in 1 Step:

You may already know about the popular Dri Wash n’ Guard Waterless Car Wash. Basically, this automotive cleaning product will clean, seal and UV-protect your vehicle simultaneously.

Simply spray on the solution and lightly buff it off with a microfiber cloth. It leaves a really glossy shine with minimal effort. Plus, you don’t have to make a mess with a bunch of water.

Well, Dri Wash n’ Guard’s new “Ultra Ion” spray-on car wash can accomplish the same thing – but more.

Dust on Car, and How to Repel it with Ultra Ion Waterless Wash

2. Repel Dust from Your Vehicle:

The company has developed some sort of technology that repels dust from the surface of your car.

If you have a black car (like me), then you know that the darker color makes dust much more visible. The dust looks like dirt, and then the car looks dirty.

Ultra Ion fixes the dust problem, but that’s not the only issue that this product fixes.

3. Erase Minor Scratches from Your Car’s Finish:

This waterless car wash also helps to remove those tiny feather scratches in your vehicle’s finish. No, it doesn’t help with those bigger scratches. Those are another issue.

However, the minor ones it can. And in turn, it reduces the dullness of your car’s finish and makes the paint color appear brighter. In other words, it maximizes the effectiveness of this wash and wax product.

Note: I have yet to find another waterless car wash that also polishes, so this is a big deal. If your car has feather scratches or you want to polish your vehicle, that is.

How to Use Ultra Ion Waterless Car Wash:

Just spray, wipe and buff. And by “buff”, I don’t mean the traditional “buffing” that we think of when waxing a car. With waterless car wash products, “buffing” takes virtually no time. Yet, you still get a super glossy-looking shine.

Honestly, I was hooked the first time I washed my car without water.

So, How Well Does Ultra Ion Waterless Wash Actually Clean?

But I haven’t even talked about how well the Ultra Ion Waterless Car Wash cleans. Yes, it makes car washing quick, easy and mess-free, but how well does it attack dirt.

Ultra Ion Waterless Car Wash LabelApparently, this cleaner is pretty effective at getting dirt and other debris off of cars (and motorcycles, boats & planes for that matter).

In fact, it works to emulsify organic matter like stuck-on bugs, bird droppings and tar without a bunch of scrubbing. Just spray it on and let the solution sit for a few moments before wiping off.

In addition, you can use DWG Ultra Ion on glass, mirrors and chrome. Therefore, you don’t need to pull out more cleaning products to wash your windshield, fixtures or mirrors. Yet another time-saver! =)

Note: By the way, this large 64-ounce bottle is actually a refill container powerful enough for commercial use. However, you don’t have to be a professional detailer to use it. Simply get the bulk container pricing and buy a $7 fine-misting spray bottle below. Done!

Specs for Dri Wash ‘n Guard Ultra Ion Waterless Car Wash:

Need a Sprayer for Your Waterless Car Wash?

Pump Sprayer for Waterless Car Wash Fine Mist(I’ve found a cheap solution below…)

This product does not include an application pump or spray bottle. You can buy the DriWash Solutions Airosol Pumper designed for use with this product. However, it will cost you over $20.

Note: Fine mist spray bottles provide a much cheaper alternative. In fact, you can get them for under $10.

Heavy Duty Spray Bottle with Fine Mist for Applying Waterless Car WashFirst of all, you can get the Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Sprayer. Compared to standard spray bottles, this one can give you a really fine mist. The fine mist is key to getting good coverage when using a waterless car wash product on your vehicle. It costs about $7.

Second, you can get a dual action sprayer for about $3 more. Basically, dual action bottles spray when you pull the trigger AND when you release it. Therefore, it works twice as fast.

If you only have one car to clean or don’t wash cars very often, you may want to save the 3 bucks and go with the heavy duty sprayer. Professionals typically prefer the dual-action sprayers.

Dri Wash n' Guard Waterless Car Wash

Note: Alternatively, you can buy Dri Wash n’ Guard’s Classic Waterless Car Wash with Protective Glaze.

In short, it cleans, seals and UV-protects your vehicle in one simple step, and it costs about the same as the Ultra Ion product. However, you don’t get the “Ultra Ion” dust-repelling and polishing benefits.