How to Wax a Car in 20 Minutes …Without a Buffer [Easy]

As you can see in the video below, waxing a car requires several time-consuming steps. Not to mention, special buffing equipment.

Why Car Wax May Not Be Your Best Option

First, you need to clean the car’s surface. Next, you need to apply automotive wax and start buffing. After using the buffer, you need to wait for the wax to dry enough so that it wipes away without leaving a residue. Just add some more time to your already lengthy chore.

And lastly, you need to wipe off the residual wax with a clean dry cloth. It makes me tired just talking about it.

Are we done yet? Yes.

Sure, waxing your car is a great idea in certain situations. However, not all of us everyday car owners will think that that effort will produce big benefits.

For people who simply want to keep their car’s finish looking shiny (with minimal effort and cost), waterless car wash is the way to go. Here’s why…

How to “Wax” a Car with Waterless Car Wash:

1. Buy a Single Car Cleaning Product

How to Wax a Car with Griots Spray On Car Wash Kit and Microfiber TowelsNo need to pay extra money and buy multiple car care products to get your vehicle clean. Just purchase one waterless car wash in a ready-to-use spray bottle, and you’re ready to wash ‘n wax.

Sometimes, I think that trying to complete multiple tasks with one product doesn’t work so well. Combining too many “jobs” into a single cleaning solution can minimize the effectiveness of everything.

However, that’s not the case here. I think that waterless car wash kits can actually clean and shine an automotive finish just as well – but in less time and with less work. =)

Plus, you don’t have to buy an expensive buffing machine or replacement buffing pads to properly wax your vehicle.

2. Wash and Wax Your Car in One Step

Masterson's Car Care Waterless Wash & ShineAs you probably already guessed, using less products to wash you car requires less steps as well. In fact, you can wash and wax in one step.

Waterless wash solutions are specially formulated to lift dirt and dust away from the car’s surface. Therefore, when you wipe them away, you don’t scratch the finish on the vehicle.

By combining the washing and waxing into 1 step, you not only cut your job time in half, but you also eliminate the in-between dry time. Remember, we used to have to wait?

3. Keep Your Car Cleaner for Longer

Most waterless car wash products contain some sort of polymer. Essentially, this substance helps to repel dirt, dust and other debris (as well as water).

Therefore, you can keep your car’s finish looking shiny for longer without cleaning it as often. Not to mention, we no longer have to apply car wash by hand or use an electric buffer to polish and wax.

The polymers also do “double duty”, in that they protect you car’s paint job while repelling dirt. So actually, you are not only making your vehicle look better, you may even be improving its resale value too. =)

How to Wax a Black Car Without Swirl Marks

Shiny Black SUV: Use Waterless Car Wash and Wax to Get a Shiny Finish and Avoid Streaks and SwirlsI own a black SUV. I used to use paste wax, and I definitely know what it looks like to have swirl marks and streaks on a black car.

One of the biggest selling points for me with a spray-on car wash is that it washes and waxes without leaving streaks.

My car is over 10 years old, and I continually get comments on how new my car looks. (That’s how I knew that spray on car wash really works!)

Tip: The secret to getting your car looking like it was professionally buffed and waxed is not due solely to the product applied. You want to use good, clean microfiber cloths. I learned this the hard way. But now that I know, I achieve a professional finish every time – in under 20 minutes and without a buffer.

Once you’ve tried using a no-rise wash & wax car wash, you’ll see how quick and easy it is. You won’t miss going to the regular car wash, especially when you know that says to avoid both automatic brush and hand wash car washes because they can scratch your vehicle’s finish.

And if you want to make cleaning the inside of your car easier, check out these top-rated handheld car vacuums. They’re great for on-the-road clean-ups when you don’t have a shop vac around.