Ultima’s Waterless Wash Plus – The Best Anti Static Car Cleaner?

Anti Static Car Cleaner Waterless Wash Review

Let me me start by saying that you get an ultra-concentrated waterless wash here. I think that this anti-static car cleaner package is way under-priced. Seriously. Let me do the cost breakdown.

First of all, the package includes a 16-ounce concentrated solution and a 22-ounce spray bottle. You mix just a 1/2 ounce of solution with water to make a full 22 ounces of waterless wash.

Therefore, this package creates 32 full spray bottles of no-rinse car wash. If you pay $23 for the package (current price), that breaks down to only 72 cents per bottle!

When you consider that 1 spray bottle can do at least 3-4 washes, you are saving a lot of money. (18 cents – 25 cents per wash!) I said I was serious, right?

But Does this Anti Static Car Cleaner Really Work?

Here’s a car wash demonstration and review of Ultima Water Wash Plus:

What’s the Advantage of Polycharger?

The product label states that Waterless Wash Plus contains an anti-static dust repellant. The Polycharger formula cleans your car without scratching, plus protects your car’s finish from UV rays.

In addition to giving your car a high-gloss finish, you can also use Ultima’s Waterless Wash to clean painted surfaces, chrome, plastic, glass and wheels. By the way, people also use it to polish door jams and wipe down dashboards.

However, Autogeek reveals exactly how Polycharger works.

They explain that “Polycharger is a Wax Booster™ additive for car wax products.” It improves wax protection and its durability, and therefore the time you can wait between washes.

Shine of Car's Paint Finish After CleaningIn fact, the anti-static feature reduces dust, pollen and dirt that can accumulate between washes. This results in a longer-lasting shine and better paint protection without any extra effort on your part.

Autogeek claims that you can increase the lifetime of your car’s finish while simultaneously cutting your car cleaning time in half. This made a lot of sense to me when I found out that this additive is actually professional strength.

Just like other waterless car wash products, you don’t need to rinse your vehicle after applying this product. Plus, you don’t need a bucket and hose. You’ll save even more time and money (than Ultima was already saving you) simply by minimizing water usage!

Anti Static Car Cleaner Specs:

  • Package: Self-Measuring Concentrated Cleaner Bottle + 22-Ounce Sprayer
  • Size: 16 Ounces of Cleaner Concentrate
  • Mix: 1/2 Ounce Concentrated Cleaner with Water for 22-Ounce Solution
  • Brand: Ultima
  • Get it Here

About Ultima Finish Care LLC:

Ultima challenges the industry, stating that their car care products perform longer than wax. Their “nanotechnology based patent pending Polycharger® is added to boost surface protection to provide a brilliant shine for a season.”

In addition to a high-gloss shine to your car’s finish, you can also protect your car’s glass, trim, tire, wheel and interior surfaces. All for less than 25 cents a wash!