Flowgenix Grand Finale Waterless Wash – Is It Better?

Flowgenix Grande Finale Ceramic Waterless Car WashDo you want a waterless car wash that cleans and protects your car for months instead of weeks? Flowgenix Grand Finale will help you keep your vehicle looking shiny and new – while also saving you time and money!

How is Grand Finale Waterless Car Wash Shine & Shield Different?

Compared to other waterless wash products, Flowgenix lasts longer. As a result, you don’t have to clean your vehicle as often.

For example, some other cheaper spray-on cleaners may last a couple of weeks before your need to wash your car again. In comparison, Flowgenix can protect your vehicle for upwards of 6 months.

Not only can you save a bunch of time washing and sealing your car’s finish, this factor saves you even more money. You can eliminate having to purchase a bunch of different car cleaning products, which can get expensive.

In addition, you can use Shine and Shield on your car’s interior as well. For instance, spray it on the dashboard, side boards, leather seats and metal parts. Customers even spray it on glass windows and wheels.

Flowgenix Waterless Car Wash

Adam's Eco Friendly Tire Cleaner for Cars, Bikes, RVs
Note: However, this waterless car wash is not meant for tires. Adam’s Tire and Rubber Cleaner works well on tires, plus, it’s eco-friendly.

The citrus solvents and surfactants in this solution also work well to dissolve grease on floor mats and plastic trim.

How Does Flowgenix Wash Shine and Shield Work?

Flowgenix Waterless Wash Protection for Your Care1. Easier Cleaning: First, the specially-designed formula emulsifies dirt, bugs and water spots on your car. Therefore, they easily separate and stick to your microfiber cloth without scratching the finish.

2. Longer-Lasting Protection: Second, Grand Finale lasts longer and provides more protection due to its ceramic/SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) component. It creates a slick finish plus a hydrophobic layer that continues to repel water long after you’ve applied the product.

How to Use a Waterless Wash with Ceramic Coating:

All you do is spray this car wash on your vehicle and wipe it off. You don’t need water, buckets or a hose. Waterless car wash will completely change the way you think about washing your car!

Plus, by eliminating the rinse step, you instantly shorten the time it takes to clean your car. You can even “wash” your car inside your garage without making a total mess!

Flowgenix Grande Finale Ceramic Waterless Car Wash

Flowgenix Grand Finale Waterless Car Wash Specs:

  • Size: 8 Ounces
  • Comes with Professional Level Sprayer
  • Works on All Finishes (Even Matte Paint)
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Product #: FG-005
  • Brand: Flogenix
  • For Sale: Buy Flowgenix Waterless Wash