What I Think About Mothers Waterless Wash and Wax…

Mothers Waterless Wash and Wax BottleHere are my thoughts on Mothers Waterless Car Wash.

It basically performs about the same as other competitive products, and it is priced well, costing less than many other waterless cleaners. You can save a few bucks by purchasing in bulk (a 2-pack or 6-pack), but not a lot.

Besides not having to use water, you can wash and wax your car in one step. The formula helps lift dirt away from your vehicle’s surface, so you don’t have to worry about scratches either.

Another benefit is that this waterless car wash is made by an established, well-known company that has been making automotive products for over 20 years. If the “Mothers” brand sounds familiar to you, you’re probably right.

The company makes an entire line of polishes, waxes and cleaners. You may have already seen their metal polish, tire shine, scratch removing polish, water spot remover, leather conditioner, UV blocker and more. See their complete catalog here.

In fact, they offer a detailed detail guide. Catch that? I know, not my best. Anyhow…

Reviews of Mothers Waterless Wash and Wax

Before and After Results with Mothers Waterless Wash and Wax
courtesy of www.waxforum.com
If you’re like me, I like to read customer reviews and see before and after photos before I buy a product. Don’t just rely on what I say.

AutoGeekOnline.net has several helpful customer testimonials that show photos as well. The overall consensus is that the product performs well, is economical and is easy to use.

However, some people think that you need to use a lot of product to get the car clean. This may vary depending on how dirty the car is initially and whether or not you are a professional detailer vs a regular car owner. Here’s another review too.

A Cheesy Infomercial for Your Enjoyment…

This 37-second infomercial explains and demonstrates (1) how the product works and (2) how to use it. That’s right – in only 37 seconds. It’s worth watching, even if it’s just for the Australian accents and superb acting.

Try Mothers Waterless Car Wash for About $10