How to Get a Streak Free Car Wash… Without Water?

McKee’s Waterless Wash can give you a streak-free car wash in record time, plus it can save you money. Below, I explain exactly how it works, the cost breakdown and 3 more ways it can save you money.

Streak Free Car Wash Without Water

Note: Waterless Wash on the Go has been discontinued, and we suggest McKee’s re-formulated Ceramic Waterless Wash Kit instead.

Besides saving you money from having to go to the car wash, McKee’s 37 Waterless Wash Kit helps cut your automotive costs in a few other ways.

1. Get Bulk Discount Pricing and Free Car Wash Accessories

Use Streak-Free Waterless Car Wash on the Interior of Your Vehicle, like Your Car's DashboardFirst of all, their bulk-sized kit enables you to get a discounted price on the product.

In addition, they throw in the spray bottle, a refill funnel and 6 microfiber towels.

Even with all of the bonuses included, the price per wash comes out to only $1.20 per wash.

In other words, you could wash your car every other week with McKee’s for an entire year and pay less than $40.

2. McKee’s Waterless Wash Acts as an All-in-One Cleaner

Second, you can use this waterless car wash on a variety of different surfaces. For example, you can spray it on paint, glass, plastics, metal, wheels, tires and exterior rubber trim.

Therefore, you don’t have to buy a separate wheel and tire cleaner, window cleaner, etc.. Besides saving money, this factor simply saves you time and makes the job easier.

3. Cut Your Car Washing Time by Over 50%

McKees 37 Waterless Car Wash Spray Bottle 16 OzThird, McKee’s makes their waterless car wash formula highly lubricated by using advanced synthetic polymers. This enables you to essentially spray and wipe your car clean in a single step.

The high lubrication prevents swirls and scratches, plus it buffs out much faster than wax. You get a clear coat finish that won’t steak or smear. In fact, the manufacturer guarantees it!

Not to mention, it requires less effort to clean. =)

Furthermore, the polymers create a glossy and slick protective finish which helps protect your vehicle for longer. In other words, you don’t have to wash your car as often to keep it looking good.

Time is money, right? Once you get the hang of it, waterless washing an average-sized sedan can take as little as 10 minutes. Seriously.

Streak Free Car Wash Package Includes:

  • 16 Ounce Spray Bottle (contains car wash)
  • 128 Ounce Refill Container of Waterless Car Wash
  • Threaded Funnel for Refilling Sprayer
  • 6 Microfiber Towels (16″ Long x 16″ Wide)

McKees 37 Streak-Free Waterless Car Wash Kit With Refill Jug

Note: The microfiber towels in this package are the ideal thickness at 360 GSM (grams/square meter). Hence, you’re not getting ripped off with cheap cloths. =)

Thinner towels (less than 300 GSM) can work ok for windows, super plush towels (ie. over 400 GSM) will have a harder time picking up dirt and debris. Super cheap towels generally have less than 200 GSM and wear out quickly. More Info

Specs for McKee’s 37 Waterless Wash Kit:

  • Bottle Size: 144 ounces (128 ounce refill container + 16 ounce sprayer)
  • Approximately $1.20 Per Wash
  • Product Not Concentrated
  • Safe to Use on Ceramic Coated Vehicles
  • Product #: MK37-350-KIT
  • Manufacturer: McKee’s 37, Phone: 1-844-852-5300
  • Get McKee’s Waterless Car Wash Kit Here

Note: You don’t have to buy the mega package if you simply want to test drive the product. The company sells this waterless wash in a 16-ounce spray bottle or a 128 ounce refill jug separately. That said, you don’t get the cost savings.