What’s a 1-Step, No-Buff, Spray Wax for Cars?

Shiny Car Finish After Cleaning with Waterless Car WashWaxing your car helps protect your car’s finish from more than just dirt. For example, a coat of wax minimizes the harmful effects of oxidation, plus bug, tree sap and road debris.

We all want our car’s finish to look newer and last longer, but who wants to spend hours waxing their car? Furthermore, who wants to pay a detailer upwards of $100 each time they apply a protective sealant?

So, What’s My Favorite Car Spray Wax?

My favorite solution is an easy, no-buff, spray wax for cars. Yes, you’ll need to do the work yourself. However, you don’t have to spend hours buffing. In fact, you can complete the task in under 20 minutes. Seriously. I do it in 15.

Wash-n-Wax Kit (Easy DIY Spray Wax for Cars) with Towels and Bug/Sap Scrubber

You can save $100’s of dollars. Plus, you can get a free carwash out of the deal every time you apply the easy spray-on polymer sealant. Spray-on car wax makes the job so easy, that I bet you won’t mind doing it yourself.

Waterless car wash products don’t create a lengthy multi-step car washing and waxing process. The “secret” is that all ingredients are conveniently combined together in a single spray bottle. Plus, you don’t need water. Simply spray on and wipe off. No buffing required.

Here’s something interesting. Instead of dreading my semi-annual car waxing procedures, I now do a quick 15-minute wipe down about once a month. I consistently get comments on how shiny and clean my 12-year-old car looks.

Microfiber Mitts for Washing Cars Without WaterThe polymers in the waterless car wash protect my car’s finish. (Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash & Wax does the same thing.) Plus, they repel dirt, pollen and other debris.

In fact, between washes, I use a dry microfiber mitt to wipe away any dust that has settled on my car. It takes under 2 minutes, and then my car looks like I just washed and waxed it again.

The Difference Between Waterless Wash and Detailing Spray:

Greg Masterson from Masterson’s Car Care explains the difference between a waterless car wash and a detailing spray. In short, the waterless car wash provides more protection, whereas the detail spray removes spots like fingerprints.

Masterson’s Waterless Wash

I have been thoroughly impressed by these waterless wash products since I have started using them. If only I knew about them years ago (here’s the one I use). That could have saved me a bunch of money!