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I’m Carrie Zang, and I’m the person you come to if you have any questions about waterless car wash products. I even know some great tips for cleaning car upholstery, how to clean auto carpet, windshields and scuff marks. Contact us if you have questions!

Personally, I like keeping my car looking good but I don’t enjoy spending lots of money at the car wash. On top of that, I own a black car, which seems to attract dirt from everywhere.

I realized that the trick to keeping my car clean with minimal time and cost was to do routine spot treatments that didn’t require a hose and a bucket of water. That’s what first turned me on to the waterless car wash. I can even do it in the garage without making a mess or needing a lot of space.

Plus, I live in California. This means that we have plenty of drought years where there is definitely no washing the car in the driveway. A spray-on waterless car wash treatment is definitely the solution, and now I’ve got my own “wash ‘n wax” treatments down to under $1 per wash!

I could go on and on, but don’t let me do that to you. Check out the comparison chart to find the best waterless car wash for you. Enjoy yourself while you’re here at the website, and contact us if you have any questions!


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