EcoSmart Waterless Car Wash – 75¢ a Wash?

Chemical Guys' EcoSmart Waterless Car Wash Can Wash, Wax, Polish and Seal Your Vehicle's FinishLike many other waterless car wash products, EcoSmart RU (Ready-to-Use) can wash and wax your vehicle in 3 quick steps. Simply spray the solution on your car, wipe away the dirt and lightly buff to a bright, impressive shine.

The spray contains lubricants which lift dirt away from the surface of your car, preventing scratches

How is EcoSmart Waterless Car Wash Different?

Unlike most other waterless wash sprays, however, EcoSmart contains 2 additional ingredients worth noting: carnauba wax and organic clay. Therefore, you get a car wash, wax, polish and sealant in one single product.

EcoSmart Waterless Car Wash Washes Cars, Waxes, Polishes, Seals, Repels Dirt, Uses No Water and Saves Money.

That said, don’t expect EcoSmart to give you the classic tedious and tiresome car waxing experience. You can wash, wax, polish and seal your car in under 20 minutes. Seriously.

Plus, once you have finished cleaning your vehicle, your car’s finish will now repel dirt, pollen and other debris. As a result, the high-gloss shine will last longer without any extra effort on your part.

EcoSmart Does it All, Including Saving You Money.

This specially-formulated solution not only cleans, but it also removes water spots, grease oxidation and other contaminants. Better yet, it works on paint, windows, plastic trim, bumpers, wheels and more. In fact, it works surprisingly well at removing brake dust.

In addition to getting the job done faster (and with less mess), EcoSmart can actually help you save money. Essentially, you can clean the exterior of your vehicle with a single product rather than buying separate cleaners for windows, wheels, etc..

You only need approximately 2.5-4 ounces of this product to clean your entire vehicle. That means that you can wash, wax, polish AND seal you car’s finish for as little as 75 cents per wash. (When you get the budget-priced gallon size jug).

Waterless Wash & Wax Kit includes towels, concentrate, power atomizer, pump sprayer

Ecosmart Waterless Car Wash Specs:

  • Size Options: 4 oz Sprayer, 16 oz Sprayer, 1 Gallon Jug
  • 16 ounces can wash 4-7 cars
  • Works on Both Matte and Satin Surfaces
  • Product #: WAC_707RU
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